• The Intervention

    A sketch performed at NYU TischAsia's first-ever sketch comedy show, "The Redhill Anti-Social Club."

    "NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia hit a new milestone this past Saturday, when an over-capacity crowd filled every crevice of the Black Box to watch REDHILL ANTISOCIAL CLUB, the first ever sketch comedy show presented by the Department of Dramatic Writing."

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    Credits: Written and directed by Christopher J. Cassetta
    Wilma - Deborah Emmanuel
    Greg - Liam MacDonald
    Chelsea - Elina Lim
    Tim - Donald Francis William Buckingham III
    Ralph - John Marsh
    Video edited by Chris Rebbert

    Mom Mom

    A piece in which I costarred with Deborah Emmanuel in "The Redhill Antisocial Club" sketch comedy show at NYU Tisch Asia. Written, directed, and edited by Chris Rebbert, also the voice of "Mom Mom."

    Fringe Spec Script

    A speculative script for the third season of Fringe. This episode would take place between episodes 14 and 15.

    Detective Raymond

    After being framed for losing the class pet, kindergarten detective Raymond must solve the case to prove his innocence and bring justice to the classroom.